Social Inclusion

Different views on the need for building social inclusion on our way to the next economy, and the ways designers can contribute to that.

First, Kim Putters, the director of The Netherlands Institute for Social Research, or the Sociaal Cultureel Planbureau, explains the urgency for inclusion.

Then, Edgar Pieterse, Professor at the University of Cape Town, director of the African Centre for Cities and co-curator of Urban Africa; What’s Next? which is integrated in the main exhibition of IABR–2016, gives examples of how linking the lack of services to the imperative of work in informal settlements in South Africa can lead to more inclusive cities.

Finally, Djamel Klouche, partner of L’AUC, one of the three design firms that was involved in the design by research by IABR–atelier Rotterdam, explains to Maarten Hajer, the chief curator of this years biennale, how from a planning perspective we can reinvent the governance of cities to make them more inclusive as well as more productive.

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Image: Kim Bouvy

Artist / Organisation: IABR
Location of the show: Rotterdam
Host: Arif Kornweitz
Length: 36 min

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