Next Economy


For the first podcast of the IABR 2016, Arif Kornweitz spoke to researchers and activists about the themes of the biennale: sustainability, productivity and health in the Next Economy.

The essence of our challenge is to accept that in the four decades up to 2050 we are looking at the doubling of the size of the urban population, and if we continue to consume resources and emit CO2 at the current rates, that doubling of the urban population is going to blow the fuses of the planet, and we as a human species won't have much of a future.
And so the key is reinventing our conception of urbanism.

Mark Swilling

I think the notion of control is somewhat of a fiction that makes planners feel better. I think your best shot is that the future begins today.
Roger Sherman

Speakers in order of appearance

Artist / Organisation: IABR
Location of the show: Rotterdam
Host: Arif Kornweitz
Length: 44 min
Language: English

Broadcasted on 05-06-2016 at 16:00.

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