Cracking The Frame Presents

16:00 17-05-2016

Excerpts from Cracking the Frame Presents:

Cracking the Frame Presents is a curated program of film screenings, artist talks, presentations, workshops and special events entirely dedicated to art documentaries and artists’ films.

The aim of CTFP is to showcase critically acclaimed award-winning documentaries and exploring the critical contexts and shifting domains of documentary film and visual arts. Through special screenings, public encounters and participatory programs CTFP invites both wider audiences and arts professionals to discover art documentaries and films directed by visual artists.

CRACKING THE FRAME PRESENTS develops from the monthly film series by the same name established in 2011 in cinema Rialto in Amsterdam and is the pilot for a new multidisciplinary platform dedicated to documentary film and visual arts. Through the establishment of a network of collaborations between cultural institutions in The Netherlands and abroad, the platform aims at organising carefully curated program of co-presentations to invite broader audiences to discover documentaries dedicated to the life and creative process of artists from different disciplines (visual arts, photography, dance, literature, theatre...) and the work of visual artists that chose the medium of film to investigate reality as an object of study.

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Artist / Organisation: Cracking The Frame
Location of the show: Amsterdam
Host: Heidi Vogels
Length: 36 min
Language: English

Broadcasted on 17-05-2016 at 16:00.

17.03.2018 Performance States Something Raw
20.02.2018 Konrad Fischer Galerie & The Living Room The gallerists
08.02.2018 Siesta Take Me On
06.02.2018 Galerie van Gelder & Wide White Space The gallerists
30.01.2018 Galerie René Block & Lumen Travo The gallerists
20.12.2017 The Signal is Strong Radna Rumping
14.12.2017 The Machine To Be Another Misericordia
07.12.2017 What I Wanted To Tell You Radical Cut-Up
05.12.2017 Center for Genomic Gastronomy & Oliver Barstow Hackers & Designers
21.11.2017 On & Off the Grid Hackers & Designers
14.11.2017 Window Almanach
07.11.2017 Sun Take Me On
23.09.2017 TodaysArt 2017 TodaysArt
16.09.2017 Belly Buster Michelle Son
09.09.2017 Meakusma Festival Meakusma
08.09.2017 Anarchists, Squatters, Punks & …Yuppies? Quartair
07.09.2017 The Other Architect Het Nieuwe Instituut
07.09.2017 Fellowship program & Finders Keepers Het Nieuwe Instituut
07.09.2017 Archive Interpretations & Fellows Het Nieuwe Instituut
11.07.2017 Perspectives Academie Minerva
09.07.2017 Diversity Gerrit Rietveld Academie
08.07.2017 BUSY DAY De Appel
07.07.2017 Artistic Research Gerrit Rietveld Academie
06.07.2017 It Work Works Gerrit Rietveld Academie
06.07.2017 Masterclass Online Radio Gerrit Rietveld Academie
05.07.2017 Curatorial Practice Gerrit Rietveld Academie
06.06.2017 The soup is delicious Mauricio Limón de León
21.05.2017 PLAYTIME day one (3) Kunstvlaai
13.05.2017 Modern Love Fiber
13.05.2017 Prima Materia Fiber
22.04.2017 Native Foreigners Unfold
28.02.2017 De toekomst ligt in zee Stijn Verhoeff
11.02.2017 Wie profiteert er van de non-profit kunstinstellin Platform BK
05.02.2017 Rendering Realities Bits of Freedom
21.01.2017 ET Radio