TodaysArt 2017


Live from Todays Art Festival in The Hague, Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee brings you a three hour broadcast that explores the underlying themes of the festival and unveils a different side of the artists present. Expect talks about shifts in club culture, the artificiality of performance, but also new sounds from Mexico City. Featuring contributions by Bogomir Doringer, Simone Niquille, Martin Sulzer, NAAFI, Amal Alhaag, Maria Guggenbichler and Torus.

Image: Hatsune Miku, Still Be Here

Artist / Organisation: TodaysArt
Location of the show: Koninklijke Schouwburg, The Hague
Host: Femke Dekker, Radna Rumping
Producer: Radna Rumping, Oscar Klok
Length: 180 min
Language: English

Broadcasted on 23-09-2017 at 18:00.

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