PLAYTIME day two

How To Work With Temporality


On the day after K_nstvl___'s PLAYTIME event, there will be an afternoon program of talks and discussions. Three keynote speakers with different backgrounds will discuss the exhibition as a dynamic context in which established traditions of display and performance interact.

Lore Gablier & Alejandro Ramirez - La Cocina
La Cocina started in 2016 as a collaborative project bringing together a group of artists, architects and curators. Implemented in Goleb – an artist-run space located in Amsterdam Nieuw-West –, La Cocina is conceptually modeled after a kitchen: a space where not only ingredients are combined and shared, but where productive and challenging dialogues are triggered and nurtured. The notion of discursivity is central to La Cocina: How to design a place and a program that together foster debate and experimentation, while propelling imagination on an aesthetic and political level?

At the occasion of the program How To Work With Temporality, artist Alejandro Ramirez and curator Lore Gablier will discuss their motivation to initiate La Cocina and the experiences they gathered. They will also present a selection of projects, with an emphasis on "Tales of Incompleteness": an exploration into what they call "broken lines of progress". Carried out by a group of artists and researchers over the last few months, "Tales of Incompleteness" will be unfolded during a three-week public program starting at the end of June.

La Cocina_ is a project initiated by Alejandro Ramírez / Lore Gablier that is possible with the close collaboration of Goleb and the personal involvement of Andrés Novo, Igor Sevcuk and Mirko Lazović.

Megs Morley
Megs Morley is an artist and independent curator whose projects primarily deal with how specific social and political situations are represented in art, and with strategies of artistic resistance that include self-organisation, intervention and collectivism. She holds a BA in Fine Art from LSAD and a MA in Visual Art Practices (curatorial pathway) from MAVIS, IADT.

As part of on-going examination into artist-led and collective practices in Ireland over the last 40 years, in 2006 she developed The Artist-led Archive, an archive and touring exhibition of documentation relating to over 80 past and present Irish artist-led initiatives from the period 1970- 2008, which is currently housed in the special collections of the National Irish Visual Arts Library. (

As part of the Artist-led Archive National tour (2006-2009) she coordinated a series of public symposia that included presentations by Julie Ault (Group Material NY), Julie Crawshaw (, (G126), Brian Patterson (A.R.E., The N.IRE workshop of F.I.U. established by Joseph Beuys), and Lise Skou (the Young Danish Artworkers Union U.K.K.).

Artist / Organisation: Kunstvlaai
Location of the show: Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam
Host: Marjolein van de Ven, Noor Mertens
Producer: Valentin Noiret, Reinier Klok
Length: 420 min
Language: English

Broadcasted on 22-05-2017 at 14:00.