Alec Mateo: Resident in 2023

Alec Mateo was a Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee resident during Spring 2023.


Alec Mateo, our artist in residency during the spring of 2023 presents a 30-minute audio piece as the outcome of this period.

The piece is made up of a collage of music, anime samples and an interview with Mateo's grandfather.

Read more about this broadcast here.

Alec Mateo

Alec Mateo is a Dominican artist from New York working with words, sounds, and gestures to explore emancipated modes of being by negotiating relationships to narrative. Fueled by the Black Radical tradition and fealty to hip-hop, ambient and folk music, Mateo's work uses sound to create spaces that attempt to betray the violence inherent to story, and instead find within them spaces of contemplation, reflection, and ultimately joy.

See more on Alec's instagram.