Age Of Wonderland


Arne Hendriks (curator)
Christine Wagner
Iman Abdurrahman (AoW Fellow)
Branly Lòpez (AoW Fellow)
Budi Prakosa (AoW Fellow)
Paz Bernaldo (AoW Fellow)
Ng’winula ‘Unu’ Kingamkono (AoW Fellow)
Isis Boot (Designer)

Age of Wonderland is a multi-year programme that stimulates worldwide social innovation and challenges so-called wicked problems through global knowledge exchange between designers, researchers, scientists and artists, yearly addressing a different issue. The Age of Wonderland fellows and their co-researchers will co-create scenarios and tools with the general public through a public programme during two residencies: one in May and one in October during the Dutch Design Week.

Artist / Organisation: Dutch Design Week
Location of the show: Eindhoven
Host: Arif Kornweitz, Michiel van Iersel
Length: 129 min

Broadcasted on 29-10-2016 at 15:00.

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